The following is a series of often asked questions you may find helpful. If the answer to your question is not here, contact us or call our Service Department! 410-636-6306

Why should I choose Overhead Door Company of Baltimore, Inc.?

Overhead Door Company of Baltimore has been family managed for over 52 years. This family atmosphere has allowed us to retain the most experienced sales, installation and service personnel. Many of our dedicated employees have been with us for over 30 years. This experience greatly benefits our customers through smoother installations and faster (therefore, less costly) service.

What is your fax number?

Sales & general business: 410-636-4308
Service: 410-789-1053

Can I print out directions to your business?

Can I talk to a sales person?

Sure, please call 410-636-6300 and ask for commercial or residential sales. You may also submit an information request form from our website.

Are you hiring now?

Check the Employment section of our website!

Is there a troubleshooting guide for my garage door opener on the web site?

There are too many types and models of door operators to list them here. Please feel free to contact our service department at 410-636-6306 for further assistance.

What kind of doors and operators do you repair?

We repair all brands of doors and motor operators, including residential and commercial doors.

Can I buy a new clicker / remote at the shop?

Yes. Our service department carries an extensive selection of transmitters for garage door openers. If your transmitter is no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer, we can usually provide an after-market alternative.

Will you mail a new remote to me?

Sure. We can ship a new transmitter (or any other parts) to any address.

Do the technicians carry the parts I may need on their trucks?

Our service trucks stock a large number of parts for all brands of equipment. It is quite possible that we will have the part you need without making a second trip; however, occasionally parts will need to be ordered to match various manufacturer specifications.

Do you take credit cards or personal checks?

Residential service calls require a credit card number to secure the call. Payment after the service is provided may then be made by either cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.

I know you give free estimates on new / replacement doors and openers. How about estimates on service?

Due to the fact that service and repair work involves a site inspection by a qualified field technician, we do charge a minimum service fee to diagnose equipment problems.

My automatic garage door opener is not working and I need to enter / exit the garage. What can I do?

There is generally a release cord hanging from the operator bar that when pulled will release the door from the opener, allowing you to operate the door manually.

I have a detached garage and my automatic garage door opener is not working. I need to enter / exit the garage. What can I do?

We recommend the installation of another point of entry or an emergency disconnect. Please call for assistance 410-636-6306.

My transmitter will open the door, but when I try to close the door it only goes about 6 inches and then reverses. What is wrong?

There are a few possible problems that might prevent your door from closing after you have opened it. Most commonly, the photo cells are out of alignment or there is an obstruction in the way of the photo cell safety beam.

My remote isn't working or only works when I am very close. What is wrong?

Try replacing the batteries first. If this is not the problem, please call our service department at 410-636-6306.

My spring is broken. Can you fix it?

Yes, we can. Our trucks carry many sizes of extension (parallel to the track) springs and may be able to fix the door in one visit; however, due to the large variety of torsion (parallel to the door) spring sizes, it is most likely that we will clamp the broken spring (making it functional again) and return on a separate visit with a new custom ordered replacement spring.

How do I reset my operator?

Although most operators do not have a reset button on them, it sometimes helps to unplug the unit, wait 60 seconds, and plug it back in (sometimes this will allow the internal computer chip to re-cycle itself).

How do I program my transmitter?

Most newer operators can be programmed by pressing the “smart” or “learn” button on the back of the operator and then, within 30 seconds, pressing the transmitter button that you want to operate that door. If these instructions do not work or if you would like assistance, please call our service department at 410-636-6306.

What is your Warranty?

New doors and motor operators are covered by a minimum one year warranty on material and workmanship. Several doors and operators have extended material warranties beyond the first year. Service and repair warranties are one year on parts and 30-days on labor.

I'm thinking of building a new home. When should I contact you?

The sooner the better. We can help you select which products are best for you and help you with the dimensions. 410-636-6300

Can my garage door be painted?

Overhead Door’s steel garage doors for residential and commercial applications can be painted in the color of your choosing, with 100-percent acrylic latex paint. Some doors can also be powder coated, and we offer 197 powder coat colors to best complement the look of your home or your facility.

What is R-value, and how does it benefit me?

R-value is a standardized measurement of thermal efficiency. The higher the R-value, the greater the garage door’s insulating properties. Overhead Door manufactures insulated garage doors for residential and commercial applications, with a broad range of R-values designed to meet your needs. Our Thermacore® doors offer the highest R-values up to 17.5.

I have a low ceiling in my garage. Will a garage door and opener work in this space?

Yes. A residential garage door requires a minimum of 4 1/2″ of headroom space. Your garage door system may need a low-headroom track system or a low-headroom-torsion rear-track system. For a garage door opener, you will need slightly more headroom (about 6 1/2″ minimum).

Can my non-insulated door be insulated?

Yes, we have insulation kits available for installation on non-insulated garage doors.

Can you recommend someone for garage door repair services outside of Overhead Door Co. of Baltimore's territory?

Our friends at Garage Door Repair provide a fantastic garage door service locator. Locate a Local Expert Here